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The Creator of the Universe is our Father.



When God strewed the stars across the heavens, and when he called forth the mountains and the trees and the mighty, roaring seas, he did it all with excellence. He saw that it was good. 

And we, his children? We ought to also work with excellence. We, of all people, should look at our creative work and see that it is good. We Christians should be dominating the arts--we should put out the best movies, the best TV shows, the best paintings, the best sculptures, the best music, and the best books. 

Why? God is able to give all people skill and talent. Why should Christians, then, be putting out the best works or art?

Because we Christians, we who know him and who have a passion to share him with the world, should work the hardest and should work with his energy to nurture our talent and to hone our skills.


Christian children's books are hard to sell

I teach at a lot of Christian writers conferences. And at all of these, the children's writers find me. We are a passionate bunch of writers. We have good news to share with the next generation. We have desire and we are committed to doing the work. And at every conference I have to tell writers that I cannot sell the books of their hearts. I cannot sell the books they want to share with their children and grandchildren. 

And I get so tired of saying, "No," all the time. 

What is needed? How can we write books that readers will want to read? That mothers will want to buy for their children? That children will fall in love with? How can we write books that Christian publishers will buy? How can we write books that NY publishers will buy? How can we put our messages into exciting stories full of lovable character? How can we write board books that will promote a healthy, God-honoring lifestyle? How can we make our characters inclusive and diverse and Christian without offending conservative Christians on one side and liberal editors on the other side? 

There are so many reasons that Christians have a hard time selling their children's books. The odds are against us. And yet I meet with Christian children's writers all over the country and the interests and the desire to write and sell children's books has not abated. 

And thank God for that!

We can improve our stories and improve our chances of selling our books

What can I do to help Christian children's writers? Because if there is one passion I have that rises to top of all my passions, it is to help this group of writers. I want to write great children's books myself. I want to help all writers just because I love good writing. But to help Christian children's writers to write great books and to get them published and to get them into the hands of young readers? That is the thing I want most of all. And I do that in several ways. I work as a freelance editor and as an agent and I am on faculty at conferences. And now? I have an opportunity to work more closely with a few Christian writers by inviting them into my home for five-day intensive workshops. 

Because I am having these workshops in my own home, I'm able to keep the prices down. I pray this will allow Christian writers to come and spend a week with me and I pray these workshops will produce some much loved books that will stand the test of time. 

You get all this and more:

  • All lodging 

  • Free transportation to and from the airport

  • All supplies included 

  • A couple of hours of writing time each day

  • Four hours of instruction each day

    • In the writing track we will cover

      • POV

      • plotting

        • how to write page-turners that paint pictures of God's sacrifice and love

      • character development

        • how to make characters that are real and that will help readers see God's truth

      • pacing

      • theme

        • how to write for the glory of God without being preachy​

        • how to turn readers into fans for life

      • how to write books that editors want

      • target audience

      • genres

      • conveying God's story in different genres

      • and so much more

    • In the illustrating track we will cover:

      • Story Building 101: Nuts & Bolts

        • Storyboards. Thumbnails. Layouts. Sketches.

        • Signatures. Bleeds

        • Book Dummies

      • What’s the Point? Start from the Heart

        • Know Your Story

        • Know your Main Character: Their #1 obstacle/fear/desire/failure/goal/enemy and friend.

        • Sketch and Flesh them out.

      • The Environment Speaks

        • Location. Terrain. Light/Shadow. Dawn. Dusk. Twilight. Sun. Moon. Hot. Cold. Little or much?

        • Dimensions. Texture.

      • Perspective: Traveling through Story

        • Over. Under. Floating. Around. Beside. Inside. Tiptop. 5,10, 20 miles! - or inches.

      • Expression!

        • Faces. Bodies. Hands, hands, hands!

        • Animate and inanimate objects.

      • The Power of the Color Tool

        • Color Spectrum Response

      • The Cover as Billboard

        • Announcing! The invitation for more.

        • Visual Sound Byte. Choosing the info picture.

        • The Art and Title Marriage

  • Three half-hour sessions of one-on-one time where we interact with your manuscripts

  • A 20-page critique or a picture book critique

  • Time for boating and swimming and hiking

  • Campfires and brainstorming time

  • Lifelong friendships

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