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I've been working in the publishing world since 1999. It is a great thrill to travel around the country speaking at conferences and meeting best-selling authors . . . both before and after they become best sellers. There is nothing I like better than hanging with writers. 

I have been a writer. I've published one of my novels--The Button Girl. Check it out. You may like it. I am rather fond of it.

I have worked as a publicist running blog tours for authors. In that capacity I was privileged to meet some wonderful writers and to read some fantastic books. I ran tours for Jeanne DuPrau, Shannon Hale, and Kathryn Fitzmaurice, among others. 

I have worked, and I still work, as an agent with some of my very favorite writers. Some best sellers and award winners like Hannah C. Hall and Taryn Souders. Some writers with fantastic voice--check out Joyce Magnin and Lisa Fowler's books . . .  oh, all my authors have wonderful voices. 

I've recently become a publisher--I launched my own boutique publishing company, Paraklesis Press, in 2017 (I published my own novel first, to see if I'd like it. I did. I liked it a lot. I like everything about bringing books to readers).

And, as I mentioned earlier, I do a lot of teaching at writers conferences. I also teach online--I have over 6000 students in 130 different countries. Oh what a wonderful time to be alive, with this whole Internet thingy we have. Ain't life grand? 

And now (I'm writing this in the spring of 2018) I'm launching into a new writing/teaching/publishing-related activity: in-person retreats. I've just bought my dream home--a place where I can have writers retreats. A place in the hills. Some people call them mountains, but after living much of my adult life in Alaska, I can't bring myself to call these bumps in Georgia mountains. Oh, but they are gorgeous bumps, all the same, and much warmer than the icy peaks up at the top of the world, where I used to live! So don't think I'm knocking these lovely green hills. Not at all!


I have a passion for helping writers pen excellent books and publish excellent books and sell excellent books. No matter what stage of the journey you are in, if you have a passion for writing wonderful books that readers will love, we are kindred spirits, and I hope you'll come hang at my house for a few days. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced writer, you'll find something to love at my house. The view will stir your soul, if nothing else

Some topics I teach
  • Plot

  • Character

  • Voice

  • Theme

  • Dialogue

  • Setting scenes

  • World building

  • Description

  • POV

  • Tense

  • Children's novels

  • Picture books

  • Word choices

  • Sentence variation

  • Pacing

  • Heroes

  • Villains

  • Secondary characters

  • Foreshadowing

  • Downstream effects

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